Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


How to become financially successful

Who am I - Businessman with low income
What is it - The problem with my low income
What for - to better understand and manage my finance
1st task - Buy books that will help financially , analyse on how and what rich and successful people do
2nd task - Understand the content
3rd task - work on things that will be an asset
Outcome- Understand how society & businesses work
Showcase - magazine/books

How to be simple

Who am I - Author
What is it - stress on difficult task
What for - To lessen my burden
1st task - find things to do that is at your own level
2nd task - don't set your expectation too high
3rd task - do things at your own pace
Outcome - happy with the results
showcase - magazine/gallery

How to reheat food with a rice cooker

Who am I - Author
What is it - reheating food
What for - pleasing my hunger
1st task - place food in a bowl smaller than the cooker
2nd task - fill cooker with 1/4 of water, place a bowl in side (mouth at the bottom)
3rd task - place the bowl with food on top of the other bowl, cover the rice cooker, wait for 15~20mins

Outcome - warm food served
showcase - magazine/ gallery

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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