Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Why do you want to use flow chart in your mobile interface design?

I would include it in my mobile interface design as it is much easier to choose on and not doesn't have too many options on them as it would complicate the system and thus giving more difficulty for the user to choose from. It is also a simplified version from sentences where you either choose YES or NO, each of which would take you to a different road for each of the answers choosen.

How will it help your users to meet the interative goals?

It guide's the users to their final outcome by forming step by step questions all the way. With only a few answers in mind which is more likely to be choosen from.




Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. ^^

1) Can you tell its theme?

2) Is it suitable to be an icon?

3) Are you able to tell out what the icon represents?

4) How's the colour composition?

5) In what category is the first picture on the left of PIXEL in?
a)gallery b)lolipop c)home d)contact

6) How would you rate the pixel's? (0/5)

7) How would you rate the vector's? (0/5)

8) How's the overall impression on the icons?

9) Would you adopt it as yr destop icon?

10) What can be improved on for the icons?

Thank you for participating in this questionairre~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

AlarmINg my head

Didn't change anything, i just directly followed the tutorial..~ did this i think at bout 5+ am =_='' and have to rush it, cuz i thought its supposed to be posted the day before then. =_=''.. will redesign it another time....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pixelized ~Buddies~

Missing Panda anyone?
Adopt a panda today for only a forest of Bamboo~

Guess who i am? =D

YES its copywritted~ don't even think bout touching that button!!~ XD~

>>COMMENTS<< are very much appreciated.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Animator vs Animation

This is not done by me. Credits goes to Alan Becker. For more information >> (second part)

Icon story

Ever wonder what happened to your desktop icon's while you're away?

Found this the other day when i was doing analysis for icons. enjoy =D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Things That Describes Me

1) Refrigerator- because most of my sentences consist of cold jokes. =D~

2) Tortoise - because yea.., i'm always slow at doing my homework and other things.

3) Cup - Seeking and filling experience and knowlege of the world.

4) Closet - i keep everything in and hardly ever bring them out.

5) Tomato - i get embarassed and nervous easily.

6) Seed - that is still growing taking in nutrients from its surroundings.

7) Horse - That always wants to run wild and free like them in the grass fields.

8) Box - I always got trapped in my comfy zone.

9) Polar Bear - I get sleepy/doze off very easily, especially during rainy daize.

10) Water - I'm calm most of the time, but you'll never know when a big wave is gonna come.