Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Museum Trip

Its really interesting looking back at out worlds history from how the world first started out as and how we developed into the modern day time now with all the technology, although everything is briefly skimmed throughout the trip, but it was still quite enjoyable.

What catches my eye during the trip is how the currency developed and what were they made from at first. They had to find Tin and even find someone to shape it, to be usable. and how it developed from shapes like those to just paper thin modern day money.

Money made and shaped from Tin in the early days.
Credits to Dorothy for the two pics

Another thing that interest me is the spices that they use can be traded as equal to one unit of gold in those days and how were they imported to and from places.

Spices traded equivalent as gold piece

There's also the interesting Baba nyona culture, how they merge with the chinese and malay culture, to create a mesh of both worlds and how they preserved their traditions for years, even much better than us nowadays. The colors of these both different culture mixing together is not easy to find nowadays.

Baba Nyonya wares and traditional clothing.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Typo Movie Poster

Does it look like a movie poster? Something is still missing from it though...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Web Design 2

Original Sitemap

Web Design 2 - competitor's website

Web Design 2

Design Tutorials

Html Code/ Library

Web Design 2 - Beautifool/ Useful commercial sites

Web Design 2- Client's Website Analysis


1) The type system doesn't have consistency
2) Very colorful boarder for the title page, the effect can be applied below as well
3) Grid system can be better
4) The buttons bellow can replace the same name, because it leads to the same link
5) There's a lot of information on the website, some of which can be placed together in the same page